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Mata rani

Mata rani

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Mata rani Goddess Durga, the goddess of evil Mahishasura mafia beat battle.
Ramba – Mahishasura story begins with his father.
mata rani Ramba to please the gods of the asura was hard penance. mata rani Lord Agni [fire Lord] was pleased with the penance, and he appeared to “open the eyes of your son Dhanu” said.
Ramba opened his eyes and bowed to the conflagration. mata rani


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Agni, he felt called, “I am pleased with your penance, do you mean?”
Ramba, “I have no one, or God or the son of the animal can not be killed, my lord, hope.”
Lord Agni said, “so it was. mata rani If your child makes him an advantage to pray the Lord Brahma, however, he is stronger than. ”
Ramba as missing Agni Lord nodded his head.
Ramba king of demons, then Mahishi, water buffalo (buffalo and the buffalo was a real curse Princess Shyamala, was) a love story set in. mata rani His son’s name was Mahishasura. Mahisha the mother rat, rat and human, he was able to change the format and even probably in the form of other animals.
However, as soon as Mahishasura parents died he was born. Mahishasura Ramba was brought by relatives.

mata rani ji

“No man or God, can you beat Mahisha. You have ideas of the king.” They tell him.
Mahisha quickly all confident that he can be defeated.
mata rani When he grew up, he went to his uncle, “Uncle, you are my whole life that I mean I was the king – so large that I can control the Devas.” Mahishasura glowing eyes said. mata rani “I want to know what you need to do to dream.”
mata rani Mahisha’s uncle watching tapes of young boy waiting. He said Mahishasura boon in the conflagration of all, his parents and the Lord. Mahishasura paid attention at the end of times. “So I prayed to the Lord Brahma. mata rani Mahisha uncle period of time.
After the young Lord Brahma powerful penance sent out the forest area. Finally, Lord Brahma was pleased and appeared before Mahishasura. “How do you try Mahishasura makes what advantage?”
“Lord, I was born my father Lord Agni to concur after. I want to. I’m not one to get boon to greater, God or the animals would not be killed. I created so far would be the most all powerful beings, “Mahishasura once said,
Lord Brahma was not very happy, but he did not have a choice.
Lord Brahma had a doubt that this is going to benefit makes a very bad results. However, because he has promised that he will give the opportunity for any advantage he was given the advantage of Mahisha makes. Lord Brahma as a heart Mahisha makes his advantage given, disappeared.
Mahishasura home winning man to expand his kingdom, began preparations for war. His advantage makes the power of one can stand against Mahishasura, and soon he became powerful. He reigned over the whole earth. The only countries not subject Mahishasura. He terrorized the people of the state to destroy terror. People fear not know what to do to escape from him. Without mercy, was killed by a demon who is stood up against Mahishasura. mata rani
They came to protect the Great Goddess – Mahadevi people prayed fervently.
The earth under Mahishasura was satisfied after. His eyes to heaven, he said. He invaded the sky gods, King Indra, was able to defeat. Indra defeated the army and driven all Devas. The Devas went to Brahma ran.
“My God, Brahma,” Indra Brahma depressing “legs” Please save us said. You are the only one of us can be protected. “Understand that Lord Brahma gods Looking at something is wrong.
They said the slow way in which the Devas agreed Mahishasura.
“My lord,” Varuna “We are nothing seems to hurt him. He just seems to get more and more powerful with it.”
Lord, knowledge of all boon that Brahma I Mahisha, first to “the sons. I did not want to give boon to him, but I did not really have a choice. What he asked for was that I give his penance is so strong,” Lord Brahma Mahisha the with the advantage that he makes in order to feel more and more angry, said.
“However, do not worry Devas,” Lord Brahma, he added. “We will see God and Lord Vishnu and Shiva. They are now the most discussed issue Vaikunta both. We join them there.”
Goddess Saraswati, “I will be with you to Vaikunta.”
So Lord Brahma and the goddess Saraswati Vaikunta -Lord Vishnu home to the Devas. There they found God together with the goddess Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Vishnu with Lakshmi.
Indra bowed to the gods and their problems, they said. Indra finished, the entire voice Vaikunta, strong and sweet voice, Mahadevi, the goddess voice resounded. “Children, Lord Brahma’s advantage makes any man and woman, not from God but defends Mahishasura .. Use all your powers and together to create a larger power. I should add three Hindu country

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